Stephens brothers (Tom and John) enjoying Goshen’s special season

By Sean Lynch Section 9 Football Insider Staff Goshen — Goshen senior linebacker Tom Stephens and his older brother, John, aren’t just brothers. Despite a nine-year age difference, they are best friends. “It’s just like any close friendship,” John Stephens said. “We do everything together and we can talk about everything. I was always thankful …
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Goshen clinches first divisional title since 1994 with win over New Paltz

By Sean Lynch  Section 9 Football Insider Staff Middletown — O.J. Simpson fled the police in his white Ford Bronco with A.C. Cowlings at the wheel. The George Foreman Grill was introduced. Tonya Harding busted Nancy Kerrigan’s kneecap. The year was 1994 and until Saturday it was the last time that Goshen had won a …
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Longtime friends Shannon and Kunis a dynamic WR duo for Goshen

By Sean Lynch Section 9 Football Insider Staff  GOSHEN — Goshen wide receivers Jake Kunis and Jack Shannon knew they had a special bond at a young age.   As early as third grade, Kunis and Shannon played football during recess at Goshen Intermediate School, often lining up against each other trying to catch the ball. …
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Giordano’s breakout game leads Goshen to win over Kingston

By Sean Lynch Section 9 Football Insider Staff GOSHEN — The chants for Goshen junior Matt Giordano became increasingly louder in the first half. He was floating passes over the middle at 20 yards a clip, making it look effortless on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The “Matty Ice” chants continued in the bleachers behind the …
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Cool, calm, collected Goshen QB Giordano continues to develop

By Sean Lynch Section 9 Football Insider Staff Growing up, Goshen quarterback Matt Giordano and his two brothers, Tom and Joe, competed in no holds barred pick-up baseball, basketball and football games in their backyard. Of course, Matt was at a disadvantage: He was the little brother and took his share of lumps. However, those …
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