Spackenkill coach Clint DeSouza

Spackenkill coach Clint DeSouza resigns; Here is his letter to the team

January 9, 2019

 To Spackenkill Football Family, Friends, and Community:

Spackenkill Football has been a part of my life for the past 22 years. From playing on the modified team in 7th grade to fulfilling my dream job of coaching the Varsity team for the past nine years, my experience wearing green and white has always been one of pride, honor, and respect. Unfortunately, my journey has to come to an end this year and with a heavy heart, I write this letter of resignation from Head Varsity Football Coach at Spackenkill High School.

In May of 2018, I experienced the greatest moment in my life when I became a father. My daughter, Olivia Ann DeSouza, was born, and every day since has been filled with joy and love. She laughs and smiles at me with eyes filled of admiration and pride. One of my biggest goals in life is to be a great father and spending time with my daughter is priceless.

 Spackenkill Football deserves a coach who can take on the challenges head first and full time, and I can no longer dedicate that much time to it. It breaks my heart to know that come next August, I won’t be out there, blowing the whistle to get practice started. However, as a husband and a father, I have to make decisions in the best interest of my family. This decision did not come lightly and the past two months have been a roller coaster of emotions for me when debating my role as head coach.

To the administration team, please know that this decision has nothing to do with anything other than my own personal feelings and what’s right for my family at this time. I have the utmost respect for Superintendent Dr. Villanti, Principal Steve Malkischer, and Athletic Director Marco Lanzoni and the job they have done to bolster the athletics program and particularly the football team. I look back as a proud alumnus and admire the growth in our facilities and prestige.

To my players: I know this comes as a shock, but please know that all past and present players will always hold a special place in my life. As I say at the end of every season, I am your coach for life.

Possibly down the road, being a head football coach will once again fit into the picture and I can be blessed with the opportunity, but for now I leave the Spackenkill program knowing I gave it my all over the past nine years as head coach. I have worked hard to turn Spackenkill into a reputable program, and whoever takes my place can continue to build. I can only hope that the players, parents, school, and community feel that my time was well served.

 Love You All,

Coach Clinton DeSouza