Breaking down the Section 9 Class AA playoff scenarios

Playoff time, the most exciting time of the year, is almost upon us. Sometimes as intriguing as the postseason is, the race to get there in the final week is almost as exciting.

There are still plenty of playoff possibilities in Class AA. The top four teams in Class AA will qualify for the postseason and compete in the semifinals on Saturday, Oct. 27th. Here are the scenarios entering next weekend.

(Washingtonville quarterback Vince Martello)
  • The Newburgh-Monroe-Woodbury winner is the top seed and the loser is the second seed.
  • If Pine Bush defeats Kingston, the Bushmen are the third seed.
  • If Kingston beats Pine Bush, the Tigers are the third seed and Pine Bush is fourth.
  • If Pine Bush wins and Middletown beats Valley Central, Washingtonville is the fourth seed.
  • If Pine Bush wins and Valley Central beats Middletown, Kingston is the fourth seed.

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